Our Mission

In January 2021, I became infected with Covid-19. Fortunately I did not require hospitalization but it was nevertheless a serious case that had me down for weeks. I found myself (as so many people were) utterly alone and sick at home and kept asking myself “how are people getting through this”. I wanted to simultaneously scream and reach out to friends for any type of support I could get. Though I tried to avoid the news as much as possible during my most vulnerable moments, the fact that so many people had it much worse than I did never left my mind. The isolation magnified the sensation that I was the only person in the world going through this and fueled my urgent need to feel connected to some sort of support system.

By the time I had healed, the idea for this podcast was firmly entrenched in my mind. Creating a safe space for people to share stories of how they found the strength to overcome difficult moments in their lives. I have no doubt that these stories can be the impetus for someone else’s recovery. Providing a chance for them to feel a little less alone and know that someone else made it and therefore, so eventually, can they.

A place to celebrate the revelations that come after enduring hardship. We are here to listen, inquire and enjoy the miracle of rebirth. The version of you that comes after the storm. Let’s create a supportive community of storytellers and listeners who share and grow together. Join us. We are eager to hear your story.