Photo by Aaron Jay Young

Over the last year I have had the distinct honor to host these 23 courageous guests. They shared their pain, frustration, joy, struggles and accomplishments. I so doing they laid a path for so many listeners who may be struggling with similar issues or who simply resonated with aspects of their stories and were able to utilize the shared knowledge to help navigate their own paths back to a healthy and peaceful state of being. The importance of connection and focusing on mental health has been a hot topic exacerbated by the isolation of the pandemic and the continued emotional unrest as we continue to navigate life with Covid.

My sincere hope is that listeners will glean what they need from these episodes and possibly share them with others who could also use the knowledge that they contain. I cannot express enough how grateful I am to all of our guest for trusting me to tell their stories and for being so open and honest. Thanks to my co-hosts and everyone that participated in making this a reality. All my move and hope for the brightest futures for everyone.